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Intelligent automated screening and scoring of next generation ideas.

Together we want to build the new paradigm of healthcare innovation.

Move out from standard strategic product analysis  based only on past data trending of your specific market space. Embrase a fully customized product innovation solution where the analysis of several market spaces and clear validated future trends increase success rate of your innovation

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From a traditional linear strategic analysis to a more comprehensive 3d analysis where alternatives future spaces are analysed, trended, validated and mathematically combined to provide higher accurancy and incremental innovation opportunities.

Technology Asset

FutureInsite® Algorithm

Intelligent automated screening and scoring of healthcare ecosystem projects is now accessible and smart with our FutureInsite® algorithm.

Using millions of qualified and ranked records, is able to profile, assess and prioritize your innovation projects and identify best candidates for the market.


No need for expensive research to get the most out of your ideas; we are working to give you back the time to focus on your core abilities: creativity and innovation.


Results are fast, easy to interpret and immediately actionable. FutureInsight accelerates product selection and reduces time-to-market.

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Advisors and Testimonials

  • Franco Negron | ADVISOR

    Vice Chairman Board Of Advisors | ApiJect

    Currently advisor to companies and PE firms and former senior executive at ApiJect, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Patheon. With 30+ years of experience in life science, strong leadership, experience, expertise and network will support InfiniteVision evolution, looking into the future and identifying new opportunities to add value to patients and customers.

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  • Matteo Burioli | TESTIMONIAL

    Data analytics and business Intelligence manager | Soho Flordis International

    Had the opportunity to test the Infinite Vision® tools for the launch of an existing product in a new European market. I appreciated the speed with which the data is analyzed and the output generated as well as the flexibility in setting up the analysis. The output is clear and understandable to everyone within the organization. Another very positive and interesting aspect is the possibility of immediately having a list of actionable suggestions on how to improve the product. For medium-sized companies that have limited financial, but above all human, resources to dedicate to market intelligence activities, a tool like this can greatly reduce analysis times, time-to-market and therefore turn into a great competitive advantage.

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  • Giuseppe Poli | TESTIMONIAL

    Emeritus Professor of General Pathology | University of Turin – President and CEO | Panoxyvir

    Test Algorithms from Infinite Vision® was impressive. We used it for our innovative idea in pharma and the inputs we received, were hard to think with traditional approach, in a so short time and with the same level of “out of box thinking” and accuracy. We are happy to have done it, we will consider the output of the run for our next development step. The use in the early development phase is desirable to save time, money and be faster in approaching the market!

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  • Marco Adami | TESTIMONIAL

    Scientist mentor and pharmaceutical technology expert | Panoxyvir

    I have tried Infinite Vision® for the opportunity of profiling a new chemical entity. The level of additional inputs received from a technical and market position stand points were really valuable and a plus if compared with the traditional way of thinking. It’s easy, fast and accurate, I endorse the use in the early development as soon as you have a new idea to explore. For sure I will ask to Infinite VIsion® help in the short term.

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